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How do I access your services?

Referrals for occupational therapy or ergonomics services are accepted from individual clients, family members, medical or rehabilitation professionals, hospitals, employers, insurers, and lawyers.

How do I arrange an assessment/meeting with an Occupational Therapist?

A referral to an occupational therapist can be made by contacting Smith Bradley & McGrath directly via telephone, fax, mail, or email. You can also print and fax in our Referral Request Form (PDF link) which is received on a confidential fax line.

Serving the greater Ottawa area since 1998Where do the assessments/meetings take place?

All occupational therapy and ergonomics assessments or meetings are conducted in the client's home or work environment to ensure accurate findings and observations. We travel throughout Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley to provide these services, and are pleased to offer our services in both English and French.

How much do the services cost?

Fees for occupational therapy and ergonomics services and programs offered by Smith Bradley & McGrath adhere to Ontario fee guidelines for regulated health-care providers (Occupational Therapists) and fee guidelines set out by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, which oversees automobile insurance. Please contact our office for more information or for a current fee schedule.

Why choose an occupational therapist to perform your ergonomic evaluations?

Occupational Therapists are specially trained to assess an individual's functioning in various environments, including the workplace. As health care professionals, occupational therapists are also able to understand the impact that an individual's level of disability, whether permanent or temporary, will have on their ability to function at work, and to provide specific recommendations and exercises to meet their needs in the workplace.